March 1, 2012


The interview went well despite my nerves...except for the part where I found out that the great Internet has crossed me again. It turns out there was a typo in the original job posting: they weren't looking for day shift, but evening shift. Unfortunately they made the correction after I had applied for the job, so I had no idea.

If I am willing to put in two evenings a week (not counting weekends), I could have it. But at this point in my life, I can't. I'm going to call the manager today to decline. It's a shame: it's a great unit and I think I would have flourished there, but I have too much going on right now: school, the little one, outpatient...I also don't want to give up my outpatient work and it'd be impossible to coordinate the two schedules. If they wanted someone for the weekends, no problem. During the week...tough.

Oh well.

I admit that I feel a bit at peace having decided to say No. Let me finish the RN-BSN program before I contemplate working 15-23 again. I'll just keep looking--something will show up one day. Until then I'm going to keep getting all that I can out of the outpatient experience and learning to (try to) relax and enjoy the famines between the feasts.

Meanwhile, back at the ranch...I have developed a case of plantar fasciiatis (sp). Problem is that I have my half-marathon in 17 days. So it's ibuprofen 800 q4-6, ice and enforced rest for a while, even after the better half's parents go.

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