March 4, 2012


I finally am caught up with my RN-BSN school work. I started shortly after the better half's parents left yesterday and finished a short while ago. Lesson learned: even if I have to be rude and antisocial by disappearing into my office to study for an hour or two--just like I did the first time around in nursing school--I will NOT let myself get behind again.

I am already prepping for the end of the month. I am going back east for a week, and then I have my sister and her family visiting when I return. So I'm planning to work on what schoolwork I can before I leave, and I'll take the laptop so I can stay on top of things. As far as my sister is concerned, she's pretty easy-going and, as a survivor of graduate school, knows how much work it can be and wouldn't be offended if I dipped out to do homework.

Now that the major source of this weekend's stress is done with, I'm sitting outside with my knitting. I'm watching the sun go down as I listen to Radio Cook Islands. Life is kind of nice. So are phones that can track down obscure radio stations from tiny countries in the South Pacific.

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