March 8, 2012

I have often said that if I wasn't wearing scrubs and had my hair pulled back, no one would recognize me. I was proven correct yesterday.

I had to attend an all-day training session. Since it was not nursing-specific, I wore business casual. My program director--who is literally around the corner from me and has talked to me countless times--was talking to me for twenty minutes before she realized who I was. And yes, I was wearing my ID.

It took her administrative assistant only 10 minutes. The intake guy still isn't sure and probably won't be until the next time he sees me.

I also learned that there is no shame in signing things as RN-BC or even wearing my ANCC pin, since i saw several nurses there showing theirs off on their ID badges. At this facility they encourage people to pursue certifications and be proud of them--in fact, they're starting a program to reimburse nurses for part of the registration cost as well as offering prep courses. Wish I had known about it earlier so they could have paid for I don't because I also heard ANCC is seriously revamping the PMH exam and they're not letting anyone test until the new exam rolls out in April. Better I passed it when I did, right?

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