March 15, 2012

Eastern daylight time Meriwhen

Here on the East Coast. No jet lag except that I did sleep in until 9am. Usually sleeping in for me is 7am. Then again, I didn't go to bed until 2am.

The flight was good. I learned that 1mg of alprazolam will make the most violent turbulence seem enjoyable. Especially when I take alprazolam so rarely--as in only when I fly because I'm a hysterical flyer, and not the good hysterical. So I got to the airport early, got early-check in, got a seat in the first row, took the alprazolam, prayed, took out my knitting and hoped for the best. It worked. I have errors in my sock though, but I survived the flight without incident.

My friend is still dealing with her health issues. I want to help around the house much as I can and I don't want her to feel bad for feeling bad because I'm here. We have a pretty straightforward relationship so she told me what the deal is with her health and I told her what the deal is for the care and feeding of Meriwhen...i.e., I can entertain myself as needed, she doesn't have to rearrange her schedule for me or feel guilty about anything.

I'm cooking tonight. It'll be fun. Pasta with crushed tomatoes, bacon and kidney beans. Bacon makes everything better.

I'm also trying to balance seeing all of my friends and former coworkers here while not neglecting her, like the proverbial college student who comes home for the weekend but isn't home because they're spending all their time with everyone but their family. So I'm doing some creative scheduling. I may not get much sleep this week. Oh well.

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Kolohe said...

Glad you did well on your flight. Have fun!