March 11, 2012

Spring forward

Moving ahead one hour today. I don't really feel like I lost any sleep...surprisingly, I don't even feel "off." I usually handle falling back one hour worse than I do springing forward one hour. Just wait though: in a few days I'll be springing ahead 3 hours. I hope THAT change doesn't affect me too much.

I personally don't understand the benefit of changing the clock around. I'm not even sure that the supposed energy savings/benefits makes the inconvenience worth it.

My time in the dual program may be drawing to a close soon, as rumor has it that the nurse who I'm filling in for is getting ready to come back to work. I'm going to miss working there--it was a lot of fun and I loved the hours. And I know that I'll be working there again one day, just not as frequently as I was the last couple of months. Such is the life of per-diems. Not that I'm lacking for work: when I get back I've got stints in eating disorders and adult already lined up.

Plus in April I'll start resuming the inpatient per-diem search. I've been good about not actively looking though one day I did succumb to some curiosity while I was looking something else up for someone. The unit that I had interviewed for a while ago--the job that was erroneously posted as days when it was evenings--posted a new PRN job for day shift. I didn't pursue it, as I'm afraid it's another error....especially since the manager told me that her day per-diem needs were already taken care of. Oh well.


Kolohe said...

Going East is far harder than going west... trust me. Hope you have fun on your trip.

I'll be going East again in about a week. Not looking forward to the 3 hour time change. :(

Meriwhen said...

It'll be a week so I should have enough time to get over the difference and enjoy myself. I just hate that because of the time difference, I've essentially lost all of Wednesday. Oh well.