March 22, 2012

Physical woes

No jet lag because I collapsed as soon as I got home and slept through to the next morning. I'm back at the Y because I gained weight over this trip...I've been pushing myself hard. I'm also learning how to place my feet on the elliptical so the Reynaud's doesn't kick in as fast. I can now do about 50 minutes before it starts.

A very light work week awaits me: only a four hour shift. Which is nice since I only have a few days to relax before we're hit with company again. My sister is moving out to the area--her husband was transferred to his company's main office which is in the area--and they're coming out on Friday to house-hunt for a few days. They're bringing my nephew with them, so I'll get plenty of Aunt Meriwhen time with the little troublemaker.

It'll be good to have my sister and her family out here. It's still a sensitive topic with our mother though, who feels as though we are taking all of her grandsons away from her.

The latest physical woe in the tale of Meriwhen is next. You may stop reading here if you wish, especially if you get squeamish at the discussion of female anatomy. Otherwise, you were warned.



The advantage of being a nurse and a patient is that my medical providers and their staff will talk to me on a different level, almost peer-to-peer. This is nice because I don't feel like I'm being talked down to, or information is being withheld or made more palatable when I'd prefer it be brutally honest. Of course, since they're speaking non-psych and I'm speaking psych, we do have to translate a few things for each other. I had to explain to this doctor what my new antidepressant is, its pharmacological class and how it works. In return, I got a primer on menstrual cycle irregularity.

I had my annual tune-up exam. Of course, it's the world's most ill-fitting gown, and they never warm the equipment up before they use it on me, but the doctor and his nurse couldn't be nicer. Yes, I go to male gynecologists. It never bothers me, even before I was a nurse, and I can get an appointment a hell of a lot faster than if I were to request a female one.

So I got a detailed blow-by-blow of what's going on during and after the exam. The lovely uterine fibroid that has been the bane of my existence for many years may be back. My uterus is apparently measuring 8-10 weeks pregnant...except that I'm not pregnant. Based on the timing of my trip east, the word "immaculate" would have to be involved if I was pregnant. I've had no pain or complications from it so I wouldn't have even thought it was back.

Otherwise, everything is normal so far. I was hypertensive but in my defense, I did have a decadent bowl of ramen for lunch before the appointment. Plus I had to find parking on a military installation.

The doctor thinks its normal; however, he wants to get an ultrasound to confirm. Fair enough. But military healthcare being military healthcare, they want to keep it in the military. So I have to wait nearly a month for an ultrasound at the local military facility. Whee.

I told my better half, he who is not good with medical issues of any sort even if they're benign. He's handling it OK. I figured I'd tell him lest they leave messages on the phone reminding me about my ultrasound appointment and he really gets scared. As for myself, I'm not worried...much. I'm always going to be a little worried given that cancer gallops in the family tree on my mother's side.

Off to continue cleaning the house.


Kolohe said...

I remember when I came home years ago and the DW had been to the Dr. He had labeled the growth on her uterus as likely a "precancerous cyst". A biopsy was done and it was found to be benign. But since she seemed to have a propensity for the cysts, and we already had the two boys and didn't plan on more, we elected for a partial hys. (Sorry I was AWOL for a while... but I'm back. :) )

Meriwhen said...

Welcome back--I was wondering where you had run off to! Don't know what I'll do about my own issues...will have to wait and see what the u/s shows first.