January 15, 2013

34 weeks

6 weeks--likely less--to go.  I only made it to 38.5 weeks last time, but this time I am several years older.  Major discomfort has set in...I'm spending more time lying down than I am doing anything else.  Though funnily enough, sometimes standing is the most comfortable position for me.  Go fig.

Beat the cold.  Only working one day this week.  After that, my schedule is open.  One of the departments that I am covering for got their own per-diem back and if all goes well should have a new full-time person starting soon, so I won't be needed as much if at all.  My core unit doesn't need me much now either--she's taken care of all of her personal issues and unless she decides to take advantage of me to have a day off this month, I probably won't be going in to work for her either.

Need to take the little one to the dentist today...it was either pull him out of school for the day, or wait for the first free afternoon appointment in mid-February.  So here we go.

Pray for me...or if you don't pray, just think happy thoughts for me.  His last two dentist visits did not go well.  One resulted in him vomiting all over himself...which was fine by me, except that he stripped down to his underwear and ran out into the waiting room because he didn't want to wear vomit.  The other involved restraints:  he actually requested the papoose board.  So he was strapped in and screamed bloody murder the entire time, then as soon as he was released was all hearts and flowers and "that went well!"

So yes, pray for me.

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