January 28, 2013

If it wasn't enough to hear it at work, my sister declared that I am huge.  The better half is predicting that the little-one-to-be is going to be gigantic.  The little one introduces me as "my mommy with the basketball in her belly."  Seriously, my abdomen has doubled in size overnight.

So have my feet and ankles.  I couldn't get on most of my compression stockings...I had to wear the lightest-strength ones that I owned (only 8 mmHg) and even then, my feet and legs looked like a claymation accident when I took them off last night.


Doctor's appointment tomorrow.  We'll see where things stand.

I am glad I am off work since last night I could not get comfortable to save my life, so I didn't sleep much.  Watching Lon Chaney silent films didn't help me get tired, but I figured that if I wasn't comfortable I may as well be enjoying myself with good cinema.  So I'm planning to go back to bed later this morning.

I did do my daily spot of nesting.  My bathroom is clean.  I also cleaned this past weekend since we had company (sister and her kids) over.  Half of the house, including the soon-to-be-nursery, still looks like Hiroshima after the bomb though.

Only one more day of work this week.  Given the sudden stomach expansion, I may have to go in wearing civilian clothing.  That's another benefit to working in psych:  in a lot of facilities, scrubs are optional attire.  While I prefer wearing scrubs due to a.  the comfort and b.  there's no mistaking that I'm a nurse (as though the ID badge with the big "RN" tag didn't help with that too)...I also need to be comfortable for this last day.

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