January 19, 2013

I started cleaning out the office, which will become the little one-to-be's nursery.  This is not meant to be a one-day process:  I figured I'd work on a it a bit each day.  Of course, little one-to-be won't be living in it for several months, but given that I'm a pack-rat by nature, I need to get an early start on the process.

I culled the nursing school textbook herd quite a bit and I still have almost bookshelf full.  Same with the knitting books.  Unfortunately, there's too many to combine into one bookshelf, so I'll have to think of something.

I also found a few unfinished knitting and crochet projects that I should tackle once I stop working and go on baby-watch.  I found a blanket for my bed, two wool shawls, two pairs of socks, a burp cloth and a charity blanket.  I also found a baby blanket in gender neutral colors that I have no idea who I was making it for, but it's almost finished.  So I'm going to finish it off and set it aside for the little one-to-be.

I also cleaned the stove.  That's today's adventure in nesting.

I was going to see my nephews tonight to let my sister have an evening off.  I made plans for the better half and little one to go to a monster truck show while I babysat.  I actually like monster trucks (and my Grave Digger is going to be there) but figured that being at a monster truck show at 35 weeks' pregnant is probably not the best idea.  The boys better bring me back lots of pictures and if possible, a Grave Digger souvenir.

But then I found out that my sister and one nephew have strep, and the other nephew has a cold.  So no babysitting for me.  I need to get strep while pregnant even less than I need to be at a monster truck show while pregnant.

I now have an evening to myself:  definitely a Chinese food night.  I wonder what sort of movie/television marathon I should have...and I should pull out that baby blanket in progress and work on it while I'm watching.


Medic2RN said...

Enjoy your evening!

Kolohe said...

A monster truck gal? Who'd have thunk it. :)

Grave Digger is one of the few I can picture. Seems like it's a 50's panel.

Meriwhen said...

I've grown to like monster trucks and Grave Digger because I used to live near Grave Digger's HQ. So GD's the local boy...or at least was when I lived out east :)