January 29, 2013

So far so good.  Little-one-to-be is in the correct position, his heart rate is good, and he is estimated at 6 lbs.  I'm not dilated at all, my blood pressure is good, my weight up up but my feet are well and truly swollen and apparently I've got a lot of amniotic fluid in there...my abdomen was described as being "very squishy."  The midwife was able to bounce the little-one-to-be around in there.

I also got a DTaP shot.  The nurse was rather tickled to find out I'm a psych nurse, and we spent about 15 minutes comparing notes on IM techniques.

Next appointment in two weeks.

Work wants me to work Thursday as well as Friday.  Every time I try to get away they pull me back in :)  I'm thinking about it.

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