January 26, 2013

They're making bets...

The consensus of my coworkers is that the belly has gotten so large, that few think I will make it until the end of February.  Half predict I'll go into labor on Super Bowl Sunday, which is exactly at 37 weeks.

"No," I said.  "The Ravens made it, and I want to watch the game without having to stop and push!"

I thought this week was going to be my last week at work, but I got talked into doing one more day next week.  I told them that had to be it because once I was at term--which is either Super Bowl Sunday or the following week, I'm not good at the definition as OB's not my specialty--I wasn't working anymore...at least, not until the little-one-to-be is 3 months old.   Then I'll be back in some way, shape or form.

In the meanwhile, I'm finally having a bona-fide craving that is lasting more than a couple of days.  

It's whole wheat toast with real butter...specifically, very well-toasted Dave's Killer Bread and salted butter, though if desperate I'll use unsalted.  Seriously.  I'm putting down a few slices each day.  I even made some at 2200 last night and had it with a glass of chocolate milk.  I suppose this is a better craving than ice cream, sugar or cheese...the last in the list being a major craving last pregnancy and which resulted in 50+ lbs going on the body.

Speaking of weight gain, I'm up near 33.  So much for keeping it around 25...still, it's better than last time.  I'm aiming to keep it under 40 but at this point, any weight gained is mostly kid, breasts and peripheral edema, so I'm trying not to let the scale get me stressed out.

I did start getting the MyFitnessPal account ready though.  As much as this pregnancy has been good to me--seriously, it's been miles better than the first one--I'm ready to start having most of my body back.  The breasts, I'll have to continue to lease out to the little-one-to-be for at least a year, but the rest of me can start to be reclaimed after birth.

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