January 9, 2013

Afrin: the scourge of evil

So after a very restless night where I woke up q1h to blow my nose, I decided to try the other half's advice and use some Afrin.  He's sworn by it for years, and considering he was spot on with his other holy grail cold medicine (Theraflu:  works and makes you feel warm and fuzzy at the same time), I figured it was worth trying.  I whipped out my drug guides and data to check if I could take it, and majority of the data showed that it's safe for pregnant women for the most part if used as prescribed.

So I tried it.  And right now, I want to claw my face out.

The pain immediately started off as a massive fire in my sinuses; now it's down to a moderately dull burn.  The nose is running like a faucet.  My throat hurts even more than it did before.  The eyes are tearing.

The other half was worried.  I reassured him that it wasn't his fault:  I'm glad Afrin has always worked for him but I am apparently one of the few who can't tolerate it.  Almost any medication has the 1-5% of people who can't tolerate it or have a paradoxical reaction.  Take Benadryl and my little one:  there is no better way to guarantee that he'll stay up all night than to give him a dose of diphenhydramine.  Works better than soda and candy.

I'd rather wake up q1h to blow the nose than to ever experience this again.

Unfortunately, it's a 12-hour spray, so there's little hope of things wearing off quickly.  I'm just hoping the discomfort will get tolerable enough for when I go into work later.   Fortunately, that's not until later this afternoon, so I have time to gnash my teeth and wail in pain as I run though Kleenex like there's no tomorrow.


As far as this cold goes, I'm really not feeling outstandingly better, but I figured I should go in and work whatever I can this month, before I go on maternity leave.  One, the extra money--even a little--will be nice to have.  Two, I still feel edgy about taking a few months off of working.  I know I'm in little danger of losing my main job:  I'm per-diem so it's not as though anything is guaranteed to me, and the higher-ups in the food chain have been pleased with my performance as well as supportive of my pregnancy, so I think the chance of me being let go for not working for a while is minimal.

And there's always the agency:  they're still calling to ask if I can go work, and I'm still telling them not while I'm 8 months pregnant.  Which is a shame because I really miss the place...I definitely want to go back there if they'll have me this summer.

But still, you know I can be insecure at times.

Going to try to nap for a while and see if that will help with the face discomfort.


Laura said...

I got a neti pot a while back. Super weird feeling but I will use it again...plus it's just saline!

Kolohe said...

I have always sworn by Afrin too. It's one of the few meds I'll take when I have a cold. Afrin, generic night time cold medicine, and Sucrets make up my arsenal anytime I have a cold. Of course before I use Afrin, I usually try snorting hot water while I'm showering. I figure it's not as good as saline, but it's cheaper and easier.