June 12, 2013

Another Daily Mail comment in the top 10.  I know, this isn't much to all of you.  It isn't much of anything, really.  But it does amuse me.

It's funny though.  I'll come up with a well-thought out, long, substantial comment and it'll barely raise an eyebrow.  Then I'll plink out something on the fly and next thing I know, it's on the main page.

The forum I work at is like that too.  I can post something long, substantial and well-thought out, and get three Thanks tops.  Something on the fly or totally tongue-in-cheek, and there's 30 Thanks before I log off.  

There's no rhyme or reason why people Thank a post, I suppose.  I admit, I have no rhyme or reason as to why I do it.  Sometimes it's because I thought it's an excellent post.  Sometimes it's because there's only one thing in the post that I agree with.  Sometimes it's because I wanted to show support for the poster.  Sometimes what they wrote just caught me in the right way at the right time.  No logic, really.

Anyhow, tomorrow I go back to work.  Tying up the loose ends today:  making sure everything is square with childcare, getting the pump ready to travel, digging out the scrubs, making sure the work bag is ready to go...yes, still bittersweet.  Especially since little one #2 just got really fascinating all of a sudden.  He's constantly vocalizing and trying to move himself.  At least I know he'll be in great hands when I'm working.

The first couple of weeks are going to be hard but I'm sure I'll be able to transition back into it with few problems.  I hope.  No way to know until I actually do it.

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