June 11, 2013

I have decided that before I start any new knitting or crochet projects, I have to finish at least three of the projects that I have hanging around the house.  I have way too many works-in-progress and I can't just keep casting on new ones willy-nilly because I'm inspired at that particular moment, then drop the project for weeks/months/years because something else intrigued me.

So yesterday while out knitting with some friends, I finished one of these projects: a cotton washcloth that I started long before I moved to California.  It kind of fell through the cracks and I rediscovered it only recently.  It came out really well...so well that I was thinking I should make another one just like it.  And I had to stop myself from starting a new one.

There's a pair of socks that I should tackle next...OK, there's four or five pairs of socks in progress that I should tackle.  But this pair is almost done--I should just finish it off.

But first, homework.

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