June 10, 2013

Walgreens...hiring nurses?

You read that right.  Walgreens.  The drugstore Walgreens.  Not just a place to buy mascara, booze and Advil--now it's also a career options for RNs.

Apparently they are looking for people for "Nurse I" positions.  I learned about it from my daily Indeed.com job bulletin.  I was curious to see what Walgreens would want with a nurse, so I clicked on the link.

One year of nursing experience required (sorry, new grads).   As always, BSN preferred.  No mention of what compensation would be, though I imagine it's a pittance compared to the local hospitals.

The job description is your standard nursing job description, so there's no real indication of what said Nurse I might be doing.  However, three big clues lead me to believe it's home health:  home health or infusion experienced preferred, you must have your own transportation for visiting patients, and you must be willing to travel up to 100% of the time.

I didn't know Walgreens dabbled in home health.  Interesting.

Not my cup of tea, but it may be someone else's...so if you're interested, go to indeed.com and look it up.

In other news, I start back at my main job this week.  Still bittersweet about it.

I also need to call the agency and give them my availability.  I figure that I'll get through my first week back first, then I'll start the agency work again.


Nasu said...

Hey, are you possibly user called Meriwhen from site called neopets?(:

Meriwhen said...

No, that's not me--I'm only Meriwhen here and at AllNurses.com.

Looks like someone else must be a L.E. Modesitt fan too :)