June 8, 2013

Going back down


I hate statistics.

I'm reading and rereading the chapter on statistics and I swear this chapter is not written in English.

This a research class, not a statistics class.

I served my time in research class in 2010.

Thank God that we don't actually have to run the statistics on anything, so that's a good thing.

But we have to understand them enough to be able to talk about them.

And with the way things are written, no on in my group can understand them.

And they're all kind of looking to me to understand them and explain it to them, since I've already explained a lot of stuff to them.

But I can't because even I don't fecking understand it.

Studying Welsh was easier than this.  

I should go back to studying Welsh.  

I can watch Pobol y Cwm and actually understand (without needing subtitles) it if I study Welsh.

And that is more entertaining than trying to explain what Cronbach alpha is.

But knowing Welsh in California won't exactly land me a nursing job at a magnet facility.

Having the BSN will.

So it's back to the statistics.


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