June 15, 2013

Back in the saddle

The first week of work went well.  I spent more time showing off pictures of little one #2 than anything.  I also promised to bring him to the next treatment team meeting so everyone could meet him. It was also a slow week due to a very low census, so there weren't any crises to deal with.  It was a nice  and gentle easing back into the routine.

Of course, being out for four months meant that many of my familiar patients have moved on...for now anyway.  Unfortunately with the high rate of recidivism in psych--especially in addictions--many will be back.  

A few things changed while I was gone...the cafeteria menu got a major overhaul.  I went in there with a few of my patients and was amazed.  Not only are there more choices, but the food's actually better than it was before.  It wasn't horrible in the first place--it was actually pretty good as far as hospitals go. But now they've taken their game to the next level.

It felt nice to be back at work...I did miss the sprog but I also missed being at the hospital.  

Speaking of which, little one #2 is having a blast at his daycare.  I knew I made the right choice every time I saw him at pickup time.  

I also let the agency scheduler know when I'll be available...either she has a fantastic memory or they're really desperate since a lot of people left the agency after they had to lower their hourly rates on a lot of the assignments.  But they were very happy to hear from me.  So I set up my end-of-June and July schedule there.  I expect to start receiving the "are you available" calls again soon.

In other news, I'm dealing with some allergic dermatitis on my face.  I guess Smashbox foundations don't sit well with my skin.  It's a shame too, because the color and coverage are flawless.  But I shouldn't be breaking out like a teenager...well, it's not that bad.   Mostly concealable with a beauty balm and one of the other foundations that I usually use, and it seems more like a reaction than a breakout as it's stinging and more red and diffuse, not raised in hard bumps.  Oh well.  

Since the Smashbox is the new kid in the lineup, I'm guessing it's that that caused the reaction on my face.  We'll see if the problems resolve in a few days.  Shame too...it took me forever to find the perfect shade.

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