June 22, 2013

...or not

Or it may not be the Smashbox foundation...but the Smashbox primer that I received a sample of.   I realized that the reaction occurred after I tried the hydrating primer.  I tried wearing the foundation alone for a couple of days...no problems so far.  Which is good as I really like it and didn't want to have to return it and try to find something else that would cover the rosacea flare-ups.

Research class is finally over.  It was the roller-coaster up until the very end, but I have to admit, I learned a lot about research...and group dynamics.  I think once I adjusted my expectations of my group mates, it became a lot easier to work with them.  I had to accept that not everyone is going to attack the class the same way as I do, and that's OK.  Everyone's got their own motivations and mine are no better or worse than anyone else's.

The final paper was submitted today, and unless our paper is FUBAR and it fails, I will have that A after all.  What gave me a boost was that I got a 100 on two projects in a row:  a group project worth 20% of the grade and a quiz worth 15%.  Both were surprises, especially the project.  But the way this class has been, I won't celebrate just yet--let me wait for the final grade to come in.

No, I'm going to celebrate anyway.  Worst case scenario:  I have a B.  But more importantly...I am done with this class and never have to take it again.  That alone is worth celebrating many times over.

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Kolohe said...

Attagirl!! (I'm betting on the A; but you deserve an attagirl even if it does turn out to be a B.)