June 23, 2013

I'm supposed to restart at the agency this week, but my primary employer keeps giving me hours.  As my primary employer pays 1.5 times the hourly rate than the agency, guess who wins in the heads-up battle.  It's hard to say no to working 6 hours at one place and making more money than working 8 at the other.

Especially since now I'm paying more childcare costs.  I figured out that I have to work 4 shifts a month at either place to cover the monthly cost of little one #2's childcare--anything after that is profit.  And that I definitely need as July is the month that everything needs to be renewed:  ACLS, PALS, BLS, CPI, malpractice insurance and two professional organization memberships.  And I need a 90,000 mile tuneup on my truck.  And we're going on vacation next month for a few days.  And I have to pay childcare in advance.

Of course, some of these I can live without:  I can scratch PALS and the memberships and still be able to work.  In fact, I am thinking of ditching PALS as I'm not working in environments in which  children are my patients.  But everything else is a must-have.

Why the ACLS for a psych nurse?  For working in the psych ER.  As it is technically an ER, ACLS certification is needed.

Anyhow, so in my first couple of weeks back at work, I have made enough to cover June's childcare expenses and have leftover profit, which is good.  I'll see exactly how much when I get paid this week.

I'm also trying to keep it to two days a week total.  I figure if I do need to pull an extra day, it will be on a weekend so the better half can keep the little ones with him.  Ever since the better half figured out how to defrost breastmilk, my presence really isn't always needed.  As long as I keep doing the moo-cow thing and filling the bags.

Speaking of which, I'm glad I spent a couple of months practicing with the pump.  I've got it down to a 10 minute science with no stress or problem.  Plus, I hooked up with a doctor at my primary workplace who is also pumping, and she's offered me the use of her office fridge to store my stash.  Nice.

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