November 2, 2011

Another phone interview and an interesting find

I just got off of the phone with another hospital...I had an hour-long interview for a PRN gero-psych position. I was surprised they got back so fast to me: I completed the application on Monday, and on Tuesday I got a call scheduling the interview for today. I figured it'd be a 15-minute "how do you do?" session, but she was very thorough. I think I handled it seemed like I had a good rapport with her. I never worked in gero-psych per se, but I've had a good deal of experience with elderly patients at my last job, and I'm excited about being able to do a bit more medical nursing (she called it "med-surg lite"). Guess I still have that itch :)

So we'll see what happens. If I progress to the next round, it'll be an in-person interview.

Meanwhile, I'm still waiting for the next round of in-person interviews at my local facility. Nothing from them yet...I'm not going to stress. The wheels of HR and nurse managers move slow at times, especially in psych as they'll do background checks and what not during or even before the interview process, and not wait until they hire you.

I'm getting over the recent loss of my 16 year old cat--she had to be euthanized due to her poor health. I stopped crying but I'm tired since I didn't sleep well. I keep seeing her around the house, I keep expecting her to yell at me for this or pound the door in for that...ah well. Mourning sucks. The other pets realized that something isn't normal: the dog looks positively depressed, and the other 16 year old cat (who is far healthier than my other one was) is now very clingy.

While tweaking some of the settings here at Wordpress so I can categorize my old posts, I found the blog I had from nursing school. There's less than 20 posts because nursing school made it hard to keep up with blogging, let alone anything. I'm debating about merging it with this one, but I don't know...anyhow, here it is: Carry on Nurse.

I can't believe how long ago nursing school seems...and how far I've come since then. Enjoy.

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