November 18, 2011

Jump hoop!

It looks like I did clear a lot of the hoops so far. As far as the hoops left--including my one of concern--I'm going by the adage that no news is good news. So far my new employee orientation appointment is still on.

I had my mom visiting me for the last week. It was a pretty good visit as far as visits with family go. I think my father staying behind at home helped since he's often a source of her stress. My better half being home also helped since his presence gave her someone else to focus on besides just me and the little one. It was a comfortable and fun time.

It was also time for the visit to end. You see, after a certain amount of time my mother tries to reassume her role of family matriarch (albeit with MY family) and starts getting controlling and bossy. She also starts trying to mother me again, and considering that I'm far removed from 18 I find that annoying. Yesterday, she started lecturing me about how I need to get out and meet more neighbors and this is how I'm going to do it. At the restaurant last night, she lectured me about eating the appetizer saying, "you won't be able to eat dinner."

Yup, it was time to see her off.

Plus it was time to resume my life. While my life wasn't drastically altered by her visit, it was time to get back to my own routines and habits...such as not eating gigantic egg breakfasts every morning. I did try to offset the damage by skipping lunch (not a hardship since I would still feel full from breakfast), but I'm curious to see what the scale will say tomorrow morning.

So while she's repeatedly saying, "I don't want to leave," "I wish I could stay longer," etc., followed by a pause and a glance at me, I remained noncommittal with my "Yeah, it was fun." replies. And it really was fun. But 6 days was fun. Any longer than that, and the fun would have started wearing off fast. I love her, but sending her off was worth getting up at 4:45am for, and when she said we didn't have to stay at the airport with her I didn't press it.

Today I'm unwinding. I have an episode of Dirty Soap to catch up on.

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