November 21, 2011

*happy sigh*

Found out some very good news about that hoop I'm concerned about...apparently it is a hoop that for the most part I no longer need to be concerned with. Forgive the vagueness...let's just say that overall it's a very good thing. Maybe one day I'll elaborate, but it's not really that exciting anyway.

So tomorrow is the day I go sign the paperwork and begin the orientation process. My supervisor called me today to line up my mid-late December schedule. I told her that I'm free for most of the month and to put me down for four days a week; she can decide what day I'll be off. After the holidays, I'll probably end up floating a lot...which is fine by me.

Of course, now that I have a job, information fell into my lap about several jobs that would have been up my alley. Good old Murphy's Law as it applies to nursing jobs.

As much as I try, I just can't bring myself to get motivated to study for the ANCC exam. I've been reading and answering quiz questions here and there, but no hard-core studying.

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