November 6, 2011

Falling back

Hope everyone remembered to turn back their clocks (if applicable) and checked the batteries in their smoke/CO detectors. Mine has been chirping at me so I need to get new batteries for it today.

I crashed early last night. I've been waking up sore and fatigued the last two days, and figured I was coming down with the same bug my little one has. He sounds like he's going to wharf up a lung, but the doctor told us it's just a cold. So I decided to take advantage of the extra hour's sleep.

But the time difference through the boys off: the little one came into our bed at 4am to actually try and wharf up that lung. After 30 minutes of this (and cough medicine doesn't help) the better half, who was up anyway, tended to him and I hid back under the blankets. Then my other cat (also 16 and I think pining for her sister) decided to groom me awake this morning...and there's nothing like waking up to a cat licking your elbow. So much for lots of extra sleep. Little one is running in circles all morning, remarkably cough-free.

Despite that, I feel better today...still a little tired and achy. Thank goodness it's a rest day as far as my running (ha!) goes. Today promises to possibly rain again, so we don't have any big plans other than the boys going to to get some stuff for their model train layout. I'll probably treat myself to some sock yarn while we're though I don't have enough yarn already. But you can never have too much wool.

Of course, I should be studying for that exam...I just can't bring myself to. I know I'm taking my chances.

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