November 20, 2011


On Friday, I received flu and TDaP shots as part of my preemployment workup. Saturday was spent in pain. The muscle of the TDaP shot was very sore, though the LVN who gave me the shots was right: massage the muscle as often as possible and it will improve the pain. The muscle of the flu shot wasn't so sore...what was more worrisome was the pain that radiated down the arm to my wrist. But that's gone now and overall I feel fairly good.

They're expecting a Pacific storm to roll in tonight. It's bringing gusty wind and "heavy" rain of half an inch to an inch. I'm not too worried: remember, I moved here from Hurricane Country so anything that's doesn't have a Saffir-Simpson category in its description isn't going to scare me. So I'm planning all the errands for early in the day, so I can spend tonight holed up with my knitting and my review books.

I'm also trying to line up a sitter so I can go to orientation. The problem with year-round schools is that they are generous with the holiday breaks, so instead of being off just Thursday and Friday, he's off for the entire week.

I also ended up losing nearly half a pound during my mom's visit. Totally unexpected but I'll take it.

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