January 13, 2012


Happy Friday the 13th. It really is just a regular old day. When I worked at the psych hospital, the day would usually pass without incident. It was the nights when the moon was full that would cause an increase in patient feistiness. I never really believed in the power of the full moon until I worked inpatient psych.

I'm taking a rest day from the Y. I did the treadmill and a full circuit of machines yesterday. I'm not sore from the machines, but I am feeling run down. I also am still trying to shake off a lingering cold that I'd had all week--just when I thought I was over it, I wake up the next day congested and dizzy. So I gave myself the day off and made some Theraflu. Weigh-in day is tomorrow, and hopefully starting up at the Y will have helped me make some progress.

My friend ended up not getting admitted. After all of her bloodwork came back normal, they told her they think she has a sleep problem and referred her for sleep studies. Then they ceremoniously discharged her from the ER...at 1am. Neverminding that they had originally told her she was going to be admitted for a few days, so she packed a bag and went prepared to stay--it's not as though she had her ride waiting in the lobby all this time for her.

The better half asked me why they wouldn't just keep her in the ER for the night and let her out in the morning. I told him it was financial reasons--while she was there she was taking up an ER spot that the hospital could have been filling with a new patient. "But what if a patient didn't have a ride?" he said? "They don't care," I replied. "They don't have to get patients home. They discharge them so they can fill the bed."

Anyhow, good in that she's not admitted to the hospital and the tests are normal. Bad in that there's still no definite answers to why she is feeling so craptastic.

I have another one day work week next week, and then I've been booked for a week in February. I'm still making myself available should anyone in outpatient have extra hours to throw my way.

Since it's a rest day, I think it's a good day to get back into bed with some of my books and a cup of coffee.

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