January 11, 2012


Found out today that my close friend and half-marathon partner is getting admitted to the hospital for testing. Reason: excessive sleeping. She's been having medical issues of all sorts over the last few months (yes, her thyroid is one of them), as well as issues with her psych meds. She has been undergoing battery after battery of various testing. This admission is the latest battery. Estimated stay: maybe a day, maybe a few. They haven't told her much other than that she's checking in.

Being across the country, I feel rather helpless. At least if I were back east I could be there with her as she went for tests and the company could have made it more bearable for her. I could be visiting in the hospital so we could both knit the waiting away. I could be helping with the kids. I could be using my nurse ninja skills to find out information from the other nurses and hospital staff (after all, nurses love to talk clinically to other nurses, especially when said other nurse is listed on the release of information form by patient as OK to give info to). I could answer--or find her answers--all the questions that she had, though my expertise is more with psych issues and meds than medical pathophysiology.

So she and her better half will keep me posted--I told them to call or text regardless of what time it is by me. In the meanwhile, I'm going to dig out the rosary and fire it up for her. I'm not the best Catholic in the world, but I still know how to pray a rosary.

It was an all-cardio day today: treadmill and exercise bike. I've decided to alternate the workouts between all cardio and treadmill plus machines. The long walk days for the half-marathon training will need to be pushed to the weekend. I need to work rest days in there too.

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