January 16, 2012

So much for downtime

I had an admission, a discharge and a suicide screen on my work to-do list, and the rain cleared enough for me to get in a 1.5 mile walk at lunch...so I didn't get to log into school while at work. Yes, I sometimes feel weird going for a walk at lunch while all of my patients are required to eat (they are eating disorders patients, after all). I don't tell them what I'm leaving to do, but I do wonder if they see me from the windows. Anyhow, the exercise, getting out to get some air and--most importantly, being able to take the damn break to walk in the first place--makes it worth it.

I checked into class at home and made my initial post, which for a change wasn't the usual "Introduce yourself in nauseating detail" posts that most online courses make you do. I also loaded my school schedule and syllabus into iCal, so I can stay on top of all of my assignments. I thought that was enough for the first day. Tomorrow I'll watch the lectures.

It feels good to be a student again...at the same time, I'm also thinking about how nice and unpressured life was when I wasn't in school and how much I'll miss it. But if I never go to school I'll never finish the BSN. I found out that my former new grad orientee (I can drop the "new grad" in a couple of months) is taking this cycle of classes off. She's not much further into the program than I am. She'll probably finish a couple of months ahead of me, but we should be attending the same graduation in Spring of 2013.

I bet I'm the only psych nurse in my section though...I will find out soon enough, I guess.

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