January 25, 2012

Dyed sheep part 2

Well, the color remover is washed out...and so is the black. Primary mission accomplished!

Unfortunately the color remover didn't remove very evenly, so I have tones ranging from a soft dark brown to canary. The virgin area (read: roots) are the canary, even though I tried hard to avoid them. Around my face is the dark brown, since they did tell me to try to avoid the root area and concentrate the color remover on the darker areas (read: ends). Overall, the predominant hair tone is a soft auburn brown...not too far off from the desired final color, actually.

And if it weren't for the unevenness, I'd just stop here.

I'm supposed to wait until it dries until I dye it my final color. I attacked it with the blow dryer, now I'm going to see how it is in an hour. I'm supposed to pick up the little one right after school today so if it's not dry in enough time I'll throw a ball cap on and postpone dyeing until this evening.

For anyone interested, the final color will be John Frieda's Dark Chocolate Brown, which has a gold undertone. The Dark Natural Brown has a neutral undertone but the swatch is too similar to the Black-Brown that I had been currently using. Although the swatch on the Black-Brown box was not the color my hair had come out: it came out more black than brown. So I am a little concerned that the Dark Chocolate Brown will come out too dark...but even if it does it will be warmer than the Black-Brown is...er, was.

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