January 24, 2012

The real work begins

Cardio and machines today at the Y. The trainer was demonstrating the machines to two little old ladies (really!) who he was designing workout plans for, so at least I had some eye candy to look at while I'm lumbering away on the treadmill.

I'm married. I'm not dead.

I shadowed in the dual-diagnosis unit yesterday and while I really enjoy eating disorders, yesterday it felt like I was coming home...and it was nice. I was in familiar territory, working with familiar material and familiar (well, diagnosis-wise) patients. Sat in on one admission, then they cut me loose to do two on my own. No problems there. The program is different from what I'm used to...it seems more laid-back and less strict, but the nurse orienting me told me that their focus is harm-reduction.

I go back later this week for another day, then the following week to shadow on some of the evening CD programs. Then I'll be able to pick up shifts there as well.

The APA week of school ended. Now I'm already faced with my first paper and 6 days to do it in. I need to write my personal philosophy of nursing. And it's not the "keep it two pages or less" kind...it's the "you better be sure to cover all of these points and answer these questions" kind. So this should be interesting. Fortunately, because of Former RN-BSN as well as that darn certification exam, I have already read up on a lot of the nursing theories as well as thought about how I perceive nursing. Now I just need to organize these thoughts into paper.

And fortunately #2, this arrived in the mail today. We're supposed to refer to the nurse practice act of Current RN-BSN's state when doing assignments; if we don't live in that state, we can refer to our own nurse practice act but we need to show references. So...

Every state should take their nurse practice acts and package them like this, instead of making people hunt through the BON websites like they're searching for buried treasure. I am worried though: the book is an inch thick.

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