January 5, 2012

I developed a rash under one of my eyes. I think it's the new brush head on my Clairsonic face brush since that's the only new thing in my washing-up routine. I have sensitive skin and rosacea so I have to be careful what I use on it. I opted to try a deeper cleaning brush head instead of my usual sensitive skin one...guess it wasn't a good idea.

I also have dark circles under my eyes that are unfortunately hereditary. Most of the time I can minimize their appearance.

Now combine the red rash and the dark circle...yup, it looks like I lost the fight.

Even my best make-up tricks aren't working to conceal it--plus the skin is irritated and anything I apply to it stings--so I'm just sucking it up and living with it. Unfortunately this is the day the little one and I have an outing planned, so hopefully I won't get too many funny looks.

I'm perusing a job listing for a psychiatric nurse with the government. It sounds good (though it is gero-psych, not my #1 choice but doable), I do have military spouse hiring preference, and you can't knock GS job benefits. Problem is that it's full-time rotating shifts. I have a week to decide if I want to throw my hat into the ring.

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