January 19, 2012


Cardio today: treadmill, seated bike, and some strange thing that I could only do for 5 minutes before I had to call it. It looked like an elliptical/stair-climber cross but boy, did it kill me.

One thing that I have issues with is the better half's use of "we" to really mean "me" (Meriwhen). Basically if he wants something done or said or made and doesn't want to do it himself, yet doesn't want to outright ask/tell me to do/say/make it, he'll state is as "We..." in the hopes that I will volunteer to do it.

Like when it comes to picking up the little one straight from school instead of letting him get an hour or so in the afterschool program. After a whole song-and-dance about how his (better half) mom would always be one of the last kids to be picked up all the time and that he really understood how little one was feeling, how "we" should pick him up straight from school more. Of course this meant me, as knowing him he'd be parked on the couch playing Elder Scrolls V.

"OK" I say. "I may be busy, so you can do that, right?" And immediately the better half stammers goes into his "If I'm out on time from work" excuse. I just smiled and didn't answer further...after all, the man is home from work by 1300 the latest almost every day.

I find that turning it around on him usually works. He'll start off with the "We..." and I'll reply back, "Well, if you want to...go ahead." Most times he backs off. Like when he wanted "us" to call the police and report door-to-door solicitors. They were kids trying to raise money and weren't breaking any rules, and they left us alone once we said we weren't interested. He kept saying this several times until I told him that I'd get him the precinct number so he could call if he wanted because I wasn't calling.

Not a peep more about it for the rest of the evening.

Men. Can't live with them, can't legally shoot them.

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