January 15, 2012


I logged into my RN-BSN class. So far, so good. Yes, it is true that the only books I will need are APA guides...fortunately for me, since 2007 I have been using excellent software called Dr. Paper that automatically formats my papers into APA format for me. Very rarely have I been dinged on APA in my assignments. Also, I found other people at the nursing forum who are starting with me, so that's kind of nice. At least we can bounce things off of each other.

The one annoying thing about this course is that everything is going to be based on Central Time. I live in Pacific Time...so as all assignments are due at 0800, I should really get into the habit of posting them the night before.

Anyhow, class starts tomorrow. I'm working tomorrow. I'm sure I'll have some downtime to be able to log in. Also tomorrow, I'm going to go over to the dual program to see if their lead nurse was able to talk to their manager and arrange some orientation for me.

I lost a pound over the last week, so I'm now down 6 since I started on Boxing Day. I'm trying to get motivated to get to the Y today to do some cardio. I was planning my 5-mile walk for today but various weather reports are predicting rain. The other day I was wondering when it was going to rain again, so I hope those reports are right.

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