January 31, 2012

Odds and ends

I received something that I had been waiting a long time for....

I am officially board certified. Well, I was when I passed, but I didn't have proof other than a little printed letter. The pin also came with a lovely certificate with my certification number, and a pocket card for showing off. I'm very proud of it...it was a lot of hard work to earn it, but earn it I did.

You know I still sign everything RN-BC, right, even little notes? I'm not sure when novelty will wear off...I'm sure it soon will.

Anyhow...long day at the Y. We have a fundraiser to go to for the little one's school, and since it's being held at a restaurant, I figured I'd better put some extra time in on the treadmill to try to minimize the potential damage. So I logged nearly an hour on the treadmill (about 3.1 miles) followed by a lap around the machines.

I did well on my first paper: 98. I lost points for such as stupid APA error that I can't believe I missed it: incorrect reference indenting. Bah. Still, I'm pleased with my grade. The next few weeks will deal with research and evidence-based practice.

I'm getting the hang of networking at work. I landed an introduction to the lead nurse on one of the inpatient units. She told me to send me my contact info so she can let me know if anything inpatient per-diem or part-time opens up. I also met a few contacts at a APNA meeting and passed my info--and interest--along. I'm still not really looking at applying for anything until I finish my new hire probation but I figure I'd start making the contacts now. Plus, given how busy school has been in the last two weeks (this program is definitely not fluff-work), I'm in no rush to add on lots more hours.

There's a nursing strike going on at a hospital chain in the state. I'm not sure how I feel about that. To be honest, I don't know much about unions and why they're striking in the first place. All I know about unions was that my father was in one, and the years that they went on strike were a mixed bag. On one hand, it meant he spent more time with us during the summer. On the other hand, more time meant no income coming in so it was right. And then when all was said and done with the strike, I don't think it ever made much of a difference. Then again, I didn't know all the details: I was only 10.

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Kolohe said...

Looks nice. It's been a long time, but I remember when I first got to put P.E. behind my name. I used it much more frequently then. Now I just use it when I have to stamp a drawing. That, or if I'm writing an email to a person I disagree with and I want them to know that I'm not some Ya-hoo that just fell of the turnip truck.