January 25, 2012

Dyed sheep, part 3

Preliminary reports show that it looks like the dye evened out most of the color and did achieve chocolate brown status...except the parts of hair that were originally colored canary from the color remover. Those are now a light/medium brown.

Very minor disaster. But far from the worst that I've had--it is manageable and even looks kind of novel. However, the hair is still damp so the final results are not in yet. Once the hair is fully dry I'll be able to see how obvious the difference is.

Major lesson learned: stick with the other color remover. It may reek but it does work more evenly. But I am now a brown sheep. If necessary, I'll move the follow-up coloring from next month to the next two weeks: I think that with a second dyeing that focuses on those areas instead of the whole head, the light area will absorb more color and darken.

During this adventure, I did get my discussion question posted for class as well as make some notes for the personal philosophy of nursing paper. And that recruiter that found me on Indeed not too long ago wrote to see if I'm still available, so maybe it's time to contact her and make my acquaintance.

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