August 17, 2009

Another week

By the way, those brownies won a chocolate contest on Saturday.  I really suggest you give them a try.

So, another week of job hunting begins.  I already stopped by the hospital websites and threw my application at a few more jobs.  I'm getting a little more aggressive in what I'm choosing--I figure if they say "experience preferred" or "experienced" but don't give an actual yardstick such as 1 year, 2 years, etc., then they're fair game for me to apply to.  I also placed a call with one of them (not my first choice one) because I had some questions about applying...let's see if they call me back (the fact that they hardly do is why they're not my first choice one).

In a bit I'm going to go through Sunday's classifieds and see if there's anything new.  I will say this:  there's so few of them in the paper and they hardly change that it's very easy for me to find if there is something new.  And what's old:  the SNFs I applied to are still advertising their spots.  Hmm...on Thursday or so, I'll have to call the one I had the second interview at.  Again:  don't want to pester them; don't want to be forgotten either.

 Then I'm going to see about and those career websites.  I know I have profiles on them from waybackwhen, before I entered nursing, and I think it's time I made sure all of them are up to speed.  And someone gave me the number of the immunization clinic to call, so I'll jump on that and see where it leads.  After all, the worst thing they can tell me is "No" and I'm used to hearing that.

Enough about that.

It's time to tackle the weight.   I finally had my personal weight nadir this weekend.  I put on a pajama shirt and noted how uncomfortable it was:  boy, did it cling to my stomach.  The sad part is that it's a LOOSE cut shirt!  That's not the only piece of clothing that has insulted me:  shorts that were once too big are fitting.  Shorts that were once fitting do not.  I'm photographing horribly.  I look horrible in the mirror.  I feel horrible. 

I'm not even stepping on the scale:  I know what the first two digits are going to read and so I really don't need to look at the 3rd.

So I thought about it this morning over coffee:  if I want to do something about my weight, then I'm going to have to approach it on the same level as I am approaching this job hunt:  seriously, like it's a job.  I can't do it half-assed.  I can't let my frustration with the job hunt be my excuse for eating poorly and slothing around.  Hell, I can't let the job hunt itself be my excuse:  yes, I'm job hunting for a bulk of the day but I can damn well carve out time to exercise.

I will definitely have to make dietary changes.  I will have to make more sensible choices.  I will have to cut back on things (I know giving things like those brownies up entirely is a recipe for disaster but I can be sensible about how much of them I eat).  I will have to modify how I cook (no, those brownies can't be made low-fat/carb, but there's a lot of my cooking that I can improve upon).  I will have to exercise more.  I have this lovely Y membership and I can't remember the last time I saw the inside of it.  I also have a stack of fitness DVDs that sit here collecting dust--if I'm not going to the gym, the least I can do is put one of them in the machine and exercise at home.

I'm going to have to do something about my bad knee though.  Yes, I have a valid knee problem that makes it hard to exercise.  I can walk on the treadmill but strength training is painful.   There is a fix for it:  it needs to be strengthened...with some exercise.   So I need to find some good knee exercises that I can do so I can get it up to snuff and start doing fitness exercises.

This means for you, you're now going to hear about my struggles to lose weight as well as to find a job.  No worries:  just skip over the content that doesn't interest you.  It won't offend me.

I also really need to start studying for PALS.  I know, I've been saying this for weeks...but the class is next week, so I better start swimming now because from the looks of this book, it could sink me.

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