August 22, 2009

Ow ow ow

My workout DVD guarantees visible results in 10 workouts.  So far the only visible results are a steady stream of "Ow" as I walk, bend, sit, and breathe.  It's not debilitating, but definitely not comfortable.  Ibuprofen 600mg is fast becoming my new best friend.  I think I may need to skip the workout today.

This body is definitely not bikini-ready or even appears the slightest bit different...but in all fairness, I'm sure they meant 10 complete workouts.  Yesterday was the first day I finally managed to get through a complete workout, so I need to start the countdown from there.    And no, I'm not stepping on the scale yet, not until I'm certain the first two digits of my weight has changed.

The vacation from job hunting is getting easier.  I've been less stressed lately than I have in a long while.  It's nice to only have to deal with the loose ends instead of knocking myself trying to find places, sending out applications and trying to score interviews.   I didn't even look at the classifieds in the last couple of days.  I have had to avoid Facebook, MySpace, and other social sites though, as I didn't want to have to read about the latest person getting hired or how their new jobs are going. 

Speaking of loose ends, I never did call that SNF that I had the second interview at.  As I mentioned before, she didn't sound too thrilled with me calling last time, so I decided that since they have my correct phone number (and they do--their HR called me at it once), they know where to find me if they need me.  Meanwhile, still no word on the long-shot job, but I'm not expecting to hear from them for a while.

I went to the job fair (the other loose end) and a ton of other new graduates because guess which table had the longest line?  Again, they told us that they have a large pool of new graduates and they are trying to place them as soon as they can.  But at least I got to talk to managers, give them my resume, and let them put a face to my name.  A few managers said that they'd ask for my file, which is encouraging.  But everyone was really nice, even if they weren't planning to consider a new grad for their department...and this is the reason that this is the #1 hospital I want to work for:  they don't treat me like new grad slime.  They may not be able to give me a job ASAP, but they're nice about it and treat me with respect.  That's something I remember--after all, how they're going to treat me in the hiring process usually reflects how they'll treat me as an employee.

There was one unit that I'm really interested in and their manager was very impressed with me and my resume, and I think that meeting went very well--we were talking for at least a half-hour and it never flagged.  She told me all about the unit and that I'd fit well on it, and from what she said about it, I'd have to agree.  That's all I'll say right now as I don't want to jinx it, and there are certainly no guarantees...but please pray for me that something comes through with it so I can die happy.

But you know what?  Even if nothing comes from it or from the job fair as a whole, I am pleased with how it went, because at least I had a chance to talk to managers.  My application wasn't just tossed aside without a single word because I was a new graduate without that year's experience, or because I wasn't a graduate of their own program.  I was given a chance to sell myself, and if I blew it, then it was on my own merits...but I at least had the chance.  Which is more than what a lot of places--hospitals and otherwise--have given me lately.

As a non-nursing friend summed it up when I told her about how I felt:  "I'm not a monster!"

Friday was at the clinic.  Training was over, so I flew solo for the first time and overall performed well.  My time there is truly the happiest part of my week.  Friday night, I went to bed at 10 and slept 10 hours.  I'm still tired but I feel better.  Also, I ache in a new way because when I went to bed at 10, it was because I fell asleep on the floor with the little one.  So in addition to the soreness from the workout, I'm also stiff from spending 5 of those 10 hours on a hard floor.

Mildred Pierce the book doesn't end the same way as the movie, by the way--in fact, how it ended was definitely a twist from what was expected.  It's still a good read.  Girl With a Pearl Earring is next on the book list, as I've apparently checked that one out too.  That one's a thin book, so I'm thinking it's a day's read. 

But before I need to do anything, I better start a coffee IV in my arm stat.

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