August 26, 2009


The interview went well...really well, in fact. I'd love to work there. The problem: it's 12 hour shifts, not 8 hours as I was lead to believe.  Weekends are not a problem--it's the weekdays that are: there's a gap of 2-3 hours that I'm not sure I can arrange childcare coverage for. I have a couple of friends that I have thought about asking if they'd want to make extra money by sitting for him those days--I'd keep the arrangement strictly business so impact on our friendship is minimized (i.e., I don't want her to feel like I'm using/taking advantage of her for childcare). I'm debating if I want to ask them to do that.

I'm trying to see what I can come up with, as well as take some time to think it over and see if it's the right decision for me and my little one. But I'm having a feeling that I will have to say No to an offer I get from them...and that's killing me.

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