August 18, 2009


Looking at the classifieds in today's paper, I realized that today's job listings haven't changed from Sunday's...which hardly changed from last week's.   Searching on the job/career sites, I realized that the listings haven't changed much either.  Same thing at the hospitals.  There were a couple of ones that I didn't apply to--which I did apply to today--but which had been listed before.  I think I have hit a dead end...for now. 

To be honest, maybe now is the time for me to take off a couple of weeks off of that job hunt, instead of waiting until next week.  I'm dead-ended on job listings, I'm in limbo waiting for the SNF and the long-shot job to call me back (more on the SNF in a minute), I'm feeling rather bummed, I've got family issues going on--not my immediate family, but my parents...also, the weather is FINALLY beautiful for a change--the rain seems to have stopped.  I can actually see a blue sky.  It might be nice to go out and enjoy it.  

I think it's time to give myself permission to take some time off from the exercise in futility and just sloth. 

Regardless of what I decide, I have PALS next week.  And I have two career fairs to go to this week.  One of them is being hosted as my number one choice hospital, so I will attend at least that one.  I'm not expecting any miracles--the last time I talked to #1, nurse recruiter explained that there's still a waiting list for new grads--but it could not hurt to keep reminding myself of them.  Besides, there may be a nurse manager there who would be willing to talk to me.  So I'm definitely going to that one--I want to try to make both, though.  They are on the same day, but at different I'll be doing a lot of driving.  Which is cool--I like driving.  It gives me time to school, it also used to give me time to study thanks to recording lectures.  And speaking of listening pleasure, I'll have to update the songs on my mp3 player.

So, the SNF update.  My friend working there messaged me last night, asking her if I had heard about the job yet.

"No", I said.  "I'll call Thursday.  When I spoke to the manager last week she seemed non-plussed that I even called, so she probably doesn't' want to hear from me so soon."

"I wish you'd come over to my unit," says my friend (she's the charge nurse-to-be).  "They need weekend help.  I heard her talking to HR about it."

"Well, if they don't consider me for this unit maybe they'll look at me for yours," says I.  "Personally, the interviewer is taking so long to call me back that long-shot job is looking better and better all the time."

Now, if I were aggressive, I'd have told my friend to sell me on her unit manager.  But I can't bring myself to do that...I'm having a hard time even hinting to her to have them look into my application.  I'd feel like I'm taking advantage of her.  And I definitely don't want to jepordize her new job by acting as my PR agent.  Nor do I want to jeapordize my own application.

But on the other hand, I know:  if you don't ask, you don't get.  So let me see what happens when I call on Thursday.  Perhaps if I'm rejected or get no answer, I'll just ask my friend to tell her manager that she (friend) knows someone (me) who could fill the weekend-help need.  She would--that much I do know about my friend.

Anyhow...I tracked down the 19 books I have out from the library.  Well, 17 books and 2 DVDs.  Two are nursing skills books.  Two are nursing career/resume help books.  Three were for the little one (as well as one of the DVDs).  Several were on British history (I have an interest).  Two are sci-fi.   And then there's "Mildred Pierce," which I started today.  If I take that job-hunting hiatus, maybe I'll see how many I can knock off in that time.

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