August 11, 2009

Working 9 to 5

I decided that since I consider job-hunting to be like having a full-time job, then it needs to have set hours like a full-time job has.  So from 7:00am to 5:00pm is when I "work".  After 5pm, the job hunting will cease for the day and I will force myself to do anything but look for work.   Starting at 7 am instead of 9am may seem like a lot, but I have a block of free time from 7-9 that's perfect for getting things done right away in the day.  And of course, there's nothing saying that I can't stop job hunting before 5pm each day.   You already know that I don't job hunt over the weekends...and my house isn't a hospital, so there's no need for me to work 12's or nights.

I also think that I'm going to take the last week in August off from  job hunting.  That's the week I have to take PALS, so it'd be a good time for a break.  It'll also let me tie up all the loose ends before my little one starts school.  Maybe I'll make it two weeks and just lounge around doing absolutely nothing for a few days.  After all, at the rate things are going in the job hunt, I'm probably not going to miss anything if I bow out for a week or two.  Then again, with my luck, that will be the week the hospitals suddenly decide to open up new graduate spots and by the time I return they'll be all gone.

One reason that I decided to go on an in-person job hunting blitz today was to get myself out of the house and stay busy, instead of sitting around waiting for the call about yesterday's interview...which as of this writing, has not occurred.  It's frustrating, especially since she specifically said that she'd let me know today.  I decided that I'll give them a few days before I call.  If at that point I don't have an answer either way, I'll move on.  

My mother thinks I should call them tomorrow instead of Friday...then again, my mother's the "hound you to the death!" type of person.  She'll be on your case until she gets what she wants.  Now, that could work were it a seller's job-market, but not in buyer's job-market:  because after all, if they don't like me it's not as though they're struggling for other applicants.  There's tons that are just as qualified (if not more!) waiting in the wings.

If they decided against me, it would be nice if they would call to let me know I'm not going to get the job and give me some closure.  But keeping busy today helped--at least I wasn't starting at the clock during commercials, brooding about why the phone hasn't rung.

What's also a little bothersome is that my friend who started working there yesterday has not called or written me to let me know how it's going.  I don't know if she's busy or overwhelmed or feels bad that she's working and I'm not or thinks I'm upset that she's working and I'm not...I really hope it's not the latter two.  She's got nothing to feel bad about and I'm certainly not upset that she got the job.  If I wanted to save the facility all for myself, I wouldn't have invited her to come along with me when I went to drop the resume off!    But I'll think positively and presume she hasn't called because she's busy with orientation, and I'll try her over the weekend.

Yeah, I know:  I'm being paranoid.

Meanwhile, the second interview at the long-shot went very well.  My communication skills returned in force, I presented myself very well, and I left feeling a lot more confident of my chances.   I'm told it may take a while--a couple of weeks, possibly more--before they make an offer (if any).  But at least I know up front that it's going to be a while, so I don't mind waiting.  It's still the long-shot though, but we'll see what happens.  The places I dropped off resumes at weren't currently hiring but would keep me in mind should anything open up.

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