August 15, 2009

Disturbing news

So something came up at the SNF.  Besides my friend, there's another of my school's graduates training there-- she graduated six months earlier than my friend and I.  I know who she is; she's a nice girl.  But my friend reports that the older grad does not know how to do most of the nursing skills...and we're not talking complex stuff:  we're talking the basics like NG tubes, blood draws, IM injections, just to name a few.  Friend reports that older grad's skills booklet (a book we have where instructors check us off on various skills that we've performed) is hardly filled.  In addition, all though the orientation, my friend reports that older grad keep saying, "oh, they never taught us that," or "I guess I fell through the cracks."  So they asked her what nursing school she went to, and then they wondered to my friend how older grad managed to graduate.

My friend explained that older grad graduated before us, have some different instructors and so had different experiences.  My friend also said that she (friend) got to do a lot more and that whatever she hadn't done or didn't know, that she knew where to look to find it. 

I'm worried is that they're going to look at me having graduated from the same school, and think I must be in the same boat with the older grad.  And there's nothing I can do about it.  I'm not going to pester the SNF with calls.  I think my friend dropped a few hints to the SNF that skillwise I'm more on par with her (friend) than with older grad...but I'm not about to put my friend to work promoting me when she's only on her first week's orientation.   

 So all I can do is sit here and hope for the best.

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