August 26, 2009

It looks like life wants me to be...

a psych nurse.  I accepted the long-shot job.  

I decided that the long hours at the other one would not be fair to my little one, and as much as I'd have loved to worked med-surg, what the little one would have had to go through was just not worth it.  Down the road, when he's older and my better half's schedule is more stable, then I'll be able to go and work 12 hour shifts.  But for right now, this is best. 

And as a couple of nurse friends pointed out to me:  I'm young (fairly) and my career has just started.  There's plenty of time ahead of me to change specialities and put in the long hospital hours....whereas my little one is little only once.

So here I am:  Meriwhen the Psychiatric RN.  I have to go in tomorrow to do the paperwork and schedule orientation. 

At least this job will leave me enough time to look for another part-time job somewhere if I need it.  I can still keep volunteering as well.  Also, this can keep me in consideration for that job at that unit in #1 hospital should it ever become a reality...and which I happen to know would be 8s.


Melle said...

I accepted a psych job two weeks ago. I start orientation on Monday! Yay for us new grads!

meriwhen said...

Cool, another new grad in psych! Congratulations!