August 14, 2009

The dishwasher is installed.  I'm in love.

So yesterday, I called the SNF and got through to the manager.  She told me that they're still considering applications and she'll let me know.  I asked her if it was all right if I'd follow-up again next week.  At least it's better than an outright "No".  Plus, scuttlebutt from my friend says that they've really got some important stuff coming up next week that they need to prep for and things have really gotten crazy there.   Then after the call, I decided that since I was still feeling a little bleak from yesterday, that I'd take a break from job hunting.  I put my energies into cleaning house.  If I were really wise, I'd put those energies on the treadmill...but the floors really needed a sweeping and mopping. 

I'm feeling better.  Getting the frustrations out the other day helped...though as I told my friend, I still can't help but feel like the failure at times.  Fortunately, she takes no crap from me and straightened me back out onto the positive track.

Today was my day at the clinic.  I love Fridays, when I get to go and volunteer.  As I was telling my supervisor there:  the rest of the week, when I'm applying for work and people learn I'm a new grad, recruiters groan, employers are rude or say "don't bother applying", no one calls me back, everyone says "sorry, you need experience"...I'm basically rejected left and right.   But I come to the clinic to volunteer...and for one day a week, I'm wanted.  People are happy to see me.  Patients are happy to see me.   They treat me like a peer, not like new grad slime.  I feel like I am doing something important for people who really need it.

In short, at the clinic I'm appreciated.  It feels wonderful. 

That's a feeling you can't always get from a paycheck.  And that's why I keep going back.

It was a slow day so I was able to get out early before the deluge started.  Got online, tinked around at the usual job and hospital sites, put in a couple of applications for jobs that I damn well know I won't get but figured that the 1% chance is better than the 0% chance I'd have if I didn't apply, then decided to call it a day at "work."  Progress report:  overall, no changes.  

I'd consider ordering Chinese food, but it's raining pretty bad now.  I'm watching my street flood...don't worry--the cat and I are not going to float off.   We're high enough up from the water.   It's a good day for staying in and reading.  In fact, this would be a good weekend to tackle the books:  I went to the library to renew one of my books and found out that I have 19 items checked out. 

When in the world did I check them out?  And where the hell in the house are these 19 books?

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