August 19, 2009

I'm on "vacation"

Last night I told my better half that I was taking a week off from job hunting because there was nothing new to be found right now and I'm burned out from trying.  This was just a formality--I was planning to take the time off anyway regardless, but it's always nice to have the better half's understanding, if not his support.

"Sure!  Take two weeks," he replied.  "Take all the time you need."

"I think a week will be fine for now."  I replied. 

Well, that was painless.

Lest you think I lead a lifestyle of the young and wealthy...we're just staying in the same budgeting mode that we spent the last few years in while I went to school.  We're not well-off, but we're not struggling either because we've been smart about our expenses--we've chopped out all the frills from the budget, and when we do spend it's sensibly.   We rarely go out on the town, and our last vacation was in 2003--since then, we decided on season passes at our local theme park/resort instead of taking trips.  The only one who really gets any of the extras is the little one.'s glance at the newspapers and job sites confirmed my decision: there is nothing new for RNs here. There was one position at a hospital that I put in for, and then that's it. From now until next Wednesday: I'll follow-up on anything that I've put applications in for prior to this and I'll still do tomorrow's job fairs, but that's it. No active hunting. The classifieds will be ignored; so will the job sites and e-mails notices. No trolling the phone book looking for places to contact.  No working on the resume and cover letters.  Not even going to read the books I had out on the library on nursing careers and resumes.

In short, nothing at all. I am on vacation.

Next stop:  sitting outside with a glass of sangria and a book!

I have to admit, the "what if"-s entered my mind:  e.g., "what if I miss the perfect job opportunity during this week off?"  First, I decided that based on recent trends, I'm probably NOT going to miss a job opportunity because I doubt few if any will come up in this week.  Second...if I did miss it, then it wasn't meant to be for me anyway. 

So I'm off on holiday, though I'll stil post since I do have things on my mind.  Time for me to grab that book...speaking of the book, I'm almost done with "Mildred Pierce."  It's a really good book.  I had seen the movie version a few years ago so I basically know how it's going to end...the movie is excellent, by the way.  Joan Crawford deserved the Oscar that she got for it.

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