August 31, 2009

First day

Nothing much to tell, really:  it was your typical orientation.  Lots of videos, lots of speakers, lots of paperwork, lots of food (yes, they fed us), and a PPD...also a refresher on EPS symptoms and treatment.  Tomorrow promises to be more of the same sans PPD and EPS.  I did learn that you need a sense of humor to survive as a psych nurse...not necessarily with the patients though.  It's more for dealing with the other employees.

I did a little research into my thyroid test results:  a high T4 and a low TSH could be hyperthyroidism...or it could be due to excessive iodine consumption.  They really want me to see an endocrinologist so I told them to go ahead and start the referral, and I'm still off of the salt.  It's been a challenge--I couldn't eat some of the food at work today because it was too bland even with a ton of pepper on it.  I know, my taste buds will readjust eventually.

Of course now that I'm employed, a hospital calls wanting to set up an interview.  It's a 12's position, so I had to decline.  But I explained why, they understood, and they're going to forward my application to the recruiter who handles the 8's--the office positions and such.  Still holding out hope for #1 hospital to get to me, but I can't wait on them forever.

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