August 24, 2009

Well, this f*****g sucks!

Long-shot job called me today.  They went to verify my employment, and my former job told them they had no record of me working there!   So long-shot job asked me to call former job to see what I could find out.  Which I did...and was told the same thing:  I didn't exist. 

Now, I know I did, as I had saved every performance evaluation and paystub (don't ask me why) from my 4 years there, plus I have the 403b that they opened for me.  Plus, I designed one department's entire intranet website which I'm told is still in use. 

I tell former job this, as well as provide them with every single bit of identifying information that I can.  They say they'll see what they can find.

Meanwhile, I call long-shot back:  they said that they'd consider the pay stubs and evaluations as proof of employment if I bring them in. 

An hour later, former job calls:  yes, they did find my file--it was in the wrong place.  The director of HR is putting it back in the system personally.  I apologized for being sharp with him but explained that it was distressing to learn that they are telling people I never worked there.

Now, I am fuming because who else has my former job told that I don't exist?  Maybe this is why no one is calling me back after these interviews?  And why hasn't anyone else besides long-shot called me to say, "hey, we had a problem verifying your employment with one of your past employers, so you may want to check it out."

I started leaving messages at a couple of places that I had applications put in it, letting them know what was up and that they may want to call my former job again to re-verify my employment.  I'm anxious to talk to #1 hospital tomorrow so they know what happened; I don't want anything to possibly ruin my chances there.

I was going to end my job hunting vacation on Wednesday, especially since PALS was rescheduled:  I was the only person who is registered for the class this week, so they asked me if I wouldn't mind moving my enrollment to the class next month.  I told them that was fine--I don't need it right away, and so I'd hate to put them through the inconvenience of having a class just for me for no good reason.   I figured I'd take today and tomorrow and just veg a bit more, maybe start on the next book in the pile (The Oxford Illustrated History of Britain...which is NOT going to be a 90 minute read).

But now given this mess, I think it's best if I get back to "work" tomorrow to straighten this out.

Yay me.

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