August 30, 2009

So it's official

I've been feeling pretty good since I accepted the offer (though still mourning the loss of med-surg).  Immediate and extended family are all happy because they didn't want to see me separated from the little one for such long days...though it's been the target of good-natured jokes because both sides of my family have warped senses of humor--I've heard enough "the inmate's running the asylum now" and "do they know you're crazy?" quips from them to last a lifetime.

My coworkers at the clinic were also happy to hear that I got hired, and happier to hear that I'll still be volunteering there for the foreseeable future.

The paperwork is signed, and the scrubs and PsychNotes clinical guide have been purchased.  I started soliciting "new grad starting out" advice from a couple of nursing forums that I visit, and I've dug out the nursing magazines so I can start reading some of the psych articles.   Oh yes, I better find the drug book and start committing those to memory.

The fun begins next week with orientation, then I can start scheduling when I want to work.  They really need 2nd and 3rd shifts, which are a minor childcare problem...though not as bad as the ones I'd face when dealing with 12 hour shifts.  I have to work a minimum number of shifts per month, but I can schedule many more than that if I want to.  So if I turn out to really like psych nursing, I can work more often.  If I don't like it or if I need to scratch the med-surg itch, I can work less often while look for a med-surg job somewhere.  Heck, I could have both the psych job and a med-surg  job (both being part-time or one full/one part) if I wanted.

Let me take it a step at a time, though.  The opportunity to go into med-surg will always be there.  I'm in psych nursing now, and I intend to go in giving it my all--that's the only way I will ever find out if I'll like it.  Also, I take every job I have seriously, and this one is no exception.

It's been weird not having to job hunt anymore.  I still glance at listings and what comes into my mailbox, but now out of curiosity.  I'm still keeping on good terms with local hospitals (especially #1 hospital), to see if anything comes up in the part-time and/or 8-hour shift realm that I may be interested in.  But for the most part, I wake up in the mornings feeling very peaceful.   I'm feeling a little strange as I'm one of the only ones in my class not going into med-surg...but I have a classmate already working where I will be so at least I'm not the only one in psych.

I received a rejection from the HR person at the  SNF that I applied to a few weeks ago (and which hired my friend for another shift)--at least they finally gave me some closure.  They never said why I wasn't accepted nor will I ask.  Funny though:  in today's classifieds, I see they are still recruiting for RNs...and now for a HR person.  Go fig.

I also need to get my stuff sent off to the Mollen clinics.  Also, the clinic asked me if I want to volunteer for their flu clinics--you know I'll say Yes to them.

Since this post is getting long enough, I'll start another one for the weight.

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