August 25, 2009

Well damn...

No matter what happens tomorrow, I could be a hospital-employed RN by Monday:  the long-shot job came though.  They made me an offer for part-time.  I didn't accept yet--I want to go on tomorrow's interview first and see what happens.  But we agreed that I will give them an answer either way on Friday.

 It's all go today, isn't it?

The reason long-shot job was long-shot was that it's in Psych...which I have zero experience in save for clinicals.  But psych's an interesting field and I figured I had nothing to lose, so off I went and applied.  No way in hell did I think I'd even come near an offer...but now I have one.

 To be honest, I'm more a med-surg sheep at heart, and tomorrow's job has that advantage (it's PCU)., Psych nursing job has the advantage of being part-time and fascinating enough that I'd probably enjoy it very much. 

 We shall see what happens tomorrow.

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