August 9, 2009

I keep thinking about all of the worst possible things that can happen tomorrow with the job interview...

  • They hired someone else between my first interview and tomorrow's interview

  • They had to make a budget cut and decided to withdraw my position

  • They'll forget I have an interview with them and won't be there when I arrive

  • As soon as they ask me a skills question, I'll forget everything that I've learned in the last two years of nursing school

  • There will be a problem with one of my references

  • There will be a problem when they verify past employment, considering it's been several years since I was last paid to work

  • And considering that my last boss isn't the brightest bulb on the marquee, he'll unintentionally muff up the verification with the result that I come off on par with axe murderers and other social deviants

  • They'll think I don't have enough clinical experience

  • They won't consider my volunteer work as work experience

  • The job is really for a LPN and they haven't realized that I'm an RN

  • I won't be able to sleep tonight and will look like death warmed over instead of someone trying to impress

  • I'll come off sounding like a blathering idiot and/or put my foot in my mouth

  • Or I'll say something innocuous but which also happens to be the wrong thing to say at that particular time.  God knows I do this enough as it is

  • I'll get stuck in a traffic jam and be late to the interview

  • I'll forget when the interview actually was scheduled for, and arrive an hour late

  • On the drive there, I'll spill coffee all over myself

  • I'll wake up with a migraine

  • I'll wake up with food poisoning

  • I'll wake up with a migraine and food poisoning

  • They'll make me take one of those psychological screening tests that I'm not good at because I have a warped sense of humor

  • I'll lose a contact lens during the interview

  • I'll remind the interviewer of their ex/last boss/mortal enemy/someone they don't happen to like

  • They won't believe what my GPA is, and ask for a transcript which I don't happen to have on me because I gave my last copy away

  • When they did the background check, they'll have confused me with someone else with the exact same name who happens to be a wanted criminal

  • I'll wear my lightest, most subtle perfume and it'll be the one fragrance the interviewer hates/is allergic to

  • Or I'll skip the perfume to be safe, but forget the antiperspirant as well

  • I'll throw up during the interview

I'm going to try and relax now.

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